ViNTERA.TV services tarifs

For TV companies, studios, TV/video portals we offer multiscreen distribution (broadcasting) of their source to all Internet-compatible devices:Smart TVs, iOS/Android mobile devices, STBs, PC (via ViNTERA.TV and Customer's websites) etc.

Only the  ViNTERA.TV platform  offers guaranteed access to customer’s media sources (TV channels) through millions of iOS/Android mobile devices, STBs, PC etc.

Average distribution of connections (views) ViNTERA.TV users via various devices.

The massiveness and reliability of the Internet TV broadcasting ofViNTERA.TV are provided by own CDN system (Content Delivery Network) i.e. a system of broadcasting servers located on a variety of data centers..

For TV channels already broadcasting on the Internet we can offer guaranteed access via millions of Smart TVs and mobile devices based on Android/iOS. The cost of the service is only 99 EUR per month.

TV channels interested in distributing via local networks of cable (DVB-C) and IPTV operators can use the corresponding service of the  ViNTERA.TV.More than 6,000 local TV operators have direct connections to the ViNTERA.TV platform.

For thematic and regional TV channels HD Media offers TV content for distribution via OTT (InternetTV) and traditional environment (cable networks, IPTV, via satellite) the following topics:

1) "Unknown Planet". Original, cognitive, educational documentaries about the beauty and mysteries of nature, the secrets of antiquity, the achievements of technology and the paradoxical abilities of mankind, ways to promote health and prolong life, the history of culture and art.. 

2) "Tales from around the world" Gentle voice and calm video will help everyone who brings up children - both at home and in children's educational institutions. Eternal values and ideals that are honored by their parents and grandparents are passed on to children in a fascinating form.  

Territory of distribution: Russia, CIS / Baltic countries, worldwide.

The cost of rights to distribute content depends on the number of items, duration, territory and methods of distribution. Significant discounts are provided.

The estimated cost of granting rights for 1 year without limiting the number, method and territory of impressions is:: 

• "Unknown Planet" – 520 EUR per 10 hours.

• "Tales from around the world" – 365 EUR per 5 hours.

Additional discounts may be provided for the purchase of large volumes of content.

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