ViNTERA.TV is an international multiscreen platform for distribution TV channels on all Internet-connected devices: Smart TVs, mobile devices based on iOS/Android, STBs, Desktop.

ViNTERA.TV allows partners to expand the audience of the TV channel quickly and cost-effectively.

The platform provides the integration of Internet TV, OTT, Connected TV with networks of IPTV and ISP.


Advantages of ViNTERA.TV platform:

- distribution of TV-channels through Internet on all Internet-connected devices with HDTV and 3DTV quality;

- distribution of TV-channels in hundreds of local networks of IPTV and ISPs;

- watching of TV channels from the public Internet and local networks of IPTV and ISPs;

- organization of "teleconference bridge", interactive Internet TV broadcasting with the ability to communicate with the audience through video, voice and text chats Telewebinar)

- measurements to evaluate the ratings of TV channel and individual programs, the geography of the audience, viewing duration;

- internet-TV broadcasting does not require broadcasting license;

- possibility of limitation of Internet TV broadcasting by territory of the owner;

- online-broadcasting from mobile devices based on iOS/Android using 3G and WiFi.

The cost of Internet TV broadcasting via platform ViNTERA.TV depends on the quality of broadcasting and the maximum number of connections per month.

For example, 500 000 connections per month (for SD TV-channel) is possible for 199 EUR per month. But if the audience increases you will be able to choose another tariff plan.

For all technical inquires please connect with Alexandr Kutuhin,