ViNTERA.TV is an international multiscreen platform for broadcasting and watching TV channels on all Internet-connected devices: Smart TVs, mobile devices based on iOS/Android, STBs, Desktop.
Options for cooperation with (TV-broadcasters, rightsholders and distributors of content) your TV company:

1. Broadcasting on Smart TVs, mobile devices based on Android/iOS without relay (CDN)

- 99€ per month for one TV channel

2. Broadcasting on all Internet-connected devices (with CDN): Smart TV, mobile devices based on iOS/Android, OTT/IPTV STB, PC Draw your attention that 75% of the traffic is on the Smart TV.

- 199€ for one SDTV channel per month (traffic up to 8 TB per month)

- 257€ for one HDTV channel per month (traffic up to 12 TB per month)

TV-channels of ViNTERA.TV’s partners may be integrated for free into social networks and services.

Points 1, 2 provide you with free test broadcasting within a week Formation of statistics* allows to monitor online information about the number of connections, their duration, distribution of connections across countries, by type of devices (screens) etc.

- 18€ for basic statistics for one TV channel per month

- 32€ for basic statistics including unique users for one TV channel per month

- 54€ for basic statistics including unique users, geostatistics, high precision data for one TV channel per month

Online-statistics is an effective marketing tool that allows you to match and optimize the broadcast schedule of a TV-channel.

* Available only for TV-channels broadcasting via our CDN service (point 2) of ViNTERA.TV platform.

3. Creation of a TV channel out of the customer's content (editing, conversion to IP and streaming)

- from 227 EUR for one SD channel per month

- from 282 EUR for one HD channel per month

Revenue sharing system is available in case of joint promotion and exploitation.

4. Technical access to the TV channel’s stream for you and your partners.

Unicast streaming (RTMP/HLS):

- 8€ for one SD channel per month

- 14€ for one HD channel per month

5. Possible usage of CDN services for online TV/video services.
Table of current tariffs:

Per month \ Tariffs







Cost, €






+7 (495) 781-20-61

Traffic volume included, ТВ







Cost of excess, € per 1 ТВ






+7 (495) 781-20-61

Detailed online statistics is available as an option at a price of 18€ per channel per month.

6. Creation of OTT applications "turnkey" for Smart TVs, Android / iOS

7. Online broadcasting under your company's brand via TV-channel, integrated into the popular multiscreen ViNTERA.TV platform - 99€ per month

8. Organization of broadcasting from any smartphone or tablet based on iOS/Android from anywhere in the world to the entire audience of multiscreen OTT/IPTV ViNTERA.TV service.

Duration of broadcast

Number of connections




up to 4 hours


up to 10 000

up to 20 000

up to 100 000 and more


189 +7 (495) 781-20-61

     It’s possible to provide the client with an access to an independent online statistics. It will help you to monitor the number, duration and traffic of connections, distribution (distributed) by countries, devices, browsers, etc.

9. Reception of a TV channel from a satellite, conversion to IP and streaming – 100€ per month

 ViNTERA.TV - TV channels - Anytime, Anywhere, Any screen!

For all inquiries, tel: +7 (495) 741-75-52