SMART TV is a unique technology that most modern televisions are equipped with. Its feature is the provision of access to the Internet, which allows you to expand the standard capabilities of television devices. TV channels from the public Internet and from the local networks of your operators can be watched directly from Smart TV; neither a computer, nor any set-top boxes are used. The ViNTERA.TV platform implements this service through the special ViNTERA.TV application on Smart TVs.

This application is no more difficult in using than a regular TV that is why this service is available to a wide audience. Unlike a similar service with viewing on a PC (via the website) viewing via Smart TV is completely open and does not require registration. However registration can be convenient and useful for you because you can add or edit playlists of local providers through the site, to use other services of platform ViNTERA.TV, to receive special offers, etc.

Connecting to the VINTERA.TV application: - connect the TV to the network (wired or Wi-Fi) and configure the Internet connection - go to the application store, in the “Video” category or use the search. Select VINTERA.TV app, download it and launch. Now ViNTERA.TV app will always be on Smart TV desktop.
Launch VINTERA.TV and enjoy! 

For comfortable viewing of TV channels the speed of Internet access should be not less than 10 Mbit/s. Therefore there are no restrictions for watching these TV channels on Smart TVs, except for.