International multiscreen OTT/IPTV ViNTERA.TV platform offers for cable/Internet/IPTV/OTT operators the following options for cooperation:

1. Free integration of TV-channel’s playlists of local IPTV / Internet operators into «IPTV» section of ViNTERA.TV service. In order to do this provide us with your TV playlist in *.m3u format and the full range of IP addresses.

Your subscribers will be able to watch your TV package on their Smart TVs, mobile devices, STBs or Desktop in the "IPTV” section.

You can send your playlist after registering on the ViNTERA.TV website.

As a rule, a playlist will be available to your subscribers in 3-5 days after sending.

More than 6000 Internet providers and IPTV operators have already taken advantage of this service and thus increased the number of their subscribers.

2. Technological access to TV-channel (RTMP, HLS)
– from 8€ for one SD channel per month;
– from 14€ for one HD channel per month.

3. Integration of paid TV package of IPTV / Internet operators into «TV+» section in ViNTERA.TV service.
Business models:
- fixed payment per month;
- revenue sharing system.

4. Development of ОТТ applications on a turnkey basis for SmartTVs, Android/iOS devices.

5. 5. Granting of rights to TV channels of HD Media network at special prices HD Media


Cognitive and entertaining TV channel HD Media offers a wide variety of programs telling about the secrets of our planet and human civilization. You will learn what are paranormal abilities that some people have, and will be able to get closer to solving the mysteries of various anomalous phenomena. Together with the channel you will be able to go on a trip to the most remote corners of our planet. You will visit many countries, get acquainted with the cultures and national traditions of different nations. You will learn about the mysteries and interesting phenomena of wildlife. You will get acquainted with many representatives of flora and fauna. Visit the wild forest reserves, hot deserts and the ocean depths.

The unique 3D content of TV channel is designed for the widest auditorium. Watch programs about extreme sports, modern musical directions, current fashion trends, fascinating non-fiction programs, etc.

"KinoMenu HD" is HD channel, which shows you trailers of actual premiere movies. Brief and bright information about the new films allows you to decide which film you should watch in the cinema!


The collection of world cinema masterpieces, included in the lists of the best movies of the world's leading critics and film historians. These movies deserve the love of many generations of viewers around the world recognized as classics.


Interesting, educational and documentary films. The content of the TV channel is dedicated to the riddles of nature and history, human super powers, health technology, art theory, futurism.


Perpetual motion in nature and civilization. The past, present and future of transport - "from the cart to the photon starship", travel, beautiful views of our planet from a bird's eye view and from under the water. Wind and wave energy. The interaction of mankind with planet Earth. Man as a part of nature. Biodynamics, climate problems, ecology.



Spoken fairy-tales followed by video content. The eternal ideals and merits of the previous generations are transferred to children through the absorbing intonation. The soothing static video and caressing voice of the narrator affords to attract child's attention, grafting taste to the spoken words and forming up the wish to reading skills.


Soviet films that are loved by millions of viewers.Masterpieces of domestic cinema introduce youth to the traditions and values of the older generation.


Kind and funny animation of previous years. Characters that are well known and loved.


About mysteries of our planet and humanity. Development of civilizations: facts, versions and hypotheses - Traditions, religions and world view of nations - Unexplained phenomena of nature - Secret knowledge of ancient: astrology, palmistry, alchemy - The emergence of crafts and arts - Superpossibilities of human - Cuisines of the world - Travels, adventure and discovery - Famous and great - Modern achievements in science, latest technology - etc...


A 24-hour TV channel about cooking various culinary dishes. The channel offers viewers a huge number of delicious recipes and valuable culinary tips.


    Feature and animated movies for children and teenagers.

  The best cartoons of recent years.

The cost of rights to 1 (one) channel for the Operator is from 0,05 EUR per month. per subscriber, with a minimum guarantee from 75 EUR per month. per a channel. Significant discounts can be provided depending on the number of subscribers (users) and the number of selected channels. Broadcasting of the channels is round-the-clock with worldwide distribution rights. Catch up, Time shifting, etc. rights may be granted. For free testing it is possible to provide HLS or RTMP links of TV channels during a week.

TV channels are distributed in local networks of operators around the world and in the popular OTT services: ViNTERA.TV, Yandex and others.


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