Jul 19, 2018
Watch the historical drama "THE LADY" on July 20 on TV channel "EUROKINO"

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Jul 19, 2018
Watch the documentary "Varanasi: The Last Transition" on July 20 on TV channel "Unknown Planet"

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Jul 19, 2018
185 million subscribers were subscribed to paid television in Europe

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For Operators

For cable TV operators (DVB-C) and Internet providers ViNTERA.TV offers the following services:

1)      The integration (inclusion) of playlists of local IPTV operators and Internet service providers in Smart TVs and portal ViNTERA.TV.

Your subscribers will be able to view the packages of TV channels on the screens of their Smart TV or through the website ViNTERA.TV in section «IPTV».

You can direct your playlist after register on the site ViNTERA.TV. 

In 3-5 days after that you will enjoy of viewing TV channels.

More than 6000 ISPs and IPTV operators have already used this service and increased the number of its subscribers.

2) TV-channels: HD Media, HD Media 3D, KinoMenu HD, Unknown Planet and Movie Classic.

HD Media consist of 3 thematic blocks:

- Aesthetics World is about the beauty industry, SPA, aesthetic medicine, cosmetics etc.

- Perpetuum Mobile is about achievements of civilization in the transportation sphere.

- Terra Incognita is about mysteries of our planet and the human.

KinoMenu HD - trailers of actual movies in HD format. Brief and bright information about the new films will allow you to decide which film you should go to the cinema.

HD Media 3D is designed for the widest audience. Watch programs about extreme kinds of sports, modern musical directions, current fashion trends and fascinating non-fiction programs, etc. 

Unknown Planet - author's, cognitive, educational, documentary films. TV channel tells about the mysteries of nature and history, human super powers, health technology, art theory, futurism.

Movie Classic - masterpieces of world cinema. Today audiences can watch such popular movies as "Gone with the Wind", "Roman Holidays" and many others! You will have an unforgettable meeting with the legendary stars of world cinema.



 Minimum price of rights per month, EUR

 KinoMenu HD


 HD Media


 HD Media 3D


 Unknown Planet


 Movie Classic


The cost is fixed and depends on the number of subscribers in the operator's network.

There are discounts depending on the number of subscribers and the selected channels.

Broadcasting of TV channels are round the clock with worldwide rights to distribute.

Ways of connections:

- via Internet;

- via  MMTS-9 in Moscow;

- via partner networks

For free testing could be provided HLS or RTMP links to the streams of TV channels within a week.

HD Media Company


          ViNTERA.TV is the meeting place of the audience, operators and TV-channels!

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