Nov 24, 2017
Watch the program "Sea vagrants. Seychelles" on November 26 on TV channel" Hunter and the Fisherman "

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Nov 24, 2017
Watch cartoon "The Little Fox Girl" on November 25 on TV channel "Multimania"

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Nov 24, 2017
France: 5m watch content on non-TV screens daily

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VINTERA.TV is a free application for watching hundreds of TV channels on mobile devices.

 VINTERA.TV app for OS Android allows you to watch hundreds of TV channels on mobile devices where ever you are! Now you don’t miss sporting event live, favorite series or TV show! With ViNTERA.TV your smartphone or tablet turns into TV set with opportunity to watch more than hundreds of TV channels in excellent quality from public Internet and from local networks of ISP or IPTV operators.


                                Platform: Android

                      Requires: Android 4.0.3 and up

                      Categories: Multimedia&Video

                    Free                                              Without ad



                                  Platform: iOS

                       Requires: iOS 6.1 and up

                           Categories: Entertainment

                     Free                                               Without ad


VINTERA.TV app is a part of the same name international multiscreen platform ViNTERA.TV designed for broadcasting TV channels with SD, HD and 3D quality on all Internet:-connected devices: РС, Smart TVS, set-top-boxes, mobile devices iPhone/iPad/Android.

Application broadcasts TV channels online in HD and 3D formats.

The application interface is very simple. On the main page there are four tabs which consist of available TV channels lists of Internet TV, TV provider, TV+ section and Favorites which may include any TV channels by the user. To start viewing you need to click on the selected TV channel. 

"Advanced" users who have a media player in mobile devices which do not support only unicast but multicast can watch TV channels from Internet and from their local ISP or IPTV operator. 

There is UDProxy support for smartphones and tablets that do not support multicast broadcasting. You can install UDPproxy on your computer or router, some models of routers already have UDProxy support.

ViNTERA.TV service has more than 70 million connections every month. More than 5000 ISP/IPTV operators have already integrated their playlists in ViNTERA.TV service. 

ViNTERA.TV app is available on all Android/iOS-connected devices: smatphones, tablets, set-top-boxes or TVs. 

Owners of smartphones and tablets based on others platforms also can watch TV channels in excellent quality on

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